This week, Apple revealed some of the features it will roll out as part of iOS 12, including a suite of security improvements that caught our eye. We applaud Apple’s renewed commitment to password security and are especially excited to work with the announced Password Manager API. This API will allow iPhone and iPad users to access and fill passwords from third-party apps—apps like Dashlane.

Thanks to this new feature, we’ll be able to bring our Apple users a simpler, safer mobile experience this fall, following the release. In fact, we’re already gearing up so we’re ready to integrate as soon as possible! You can preview a demo of how the feature will work below.

I already have Dashlane on my Apple device. What will improve with iOS 12?

If you already have Dashlane on your iPhone or iPad, you will no longer need to manually enable the web extension through Safari to get your passwords autofill. With this new feature, you will simply select Dashlane as your default password manager, which will allow it to autofill logins on your device with just a few taps, both in Safari and in other apps that build in this functionality.

I’m interested in getting Dashlane on my Apple device. What will improve with iOS 12?

Rather than needing to manually input your passwords into the app first, Dashlane will now be able to capture this info automatically as you type it on your mobile device. Once your information is in Dashlane, you can autofill logins instantly on the go.

Can’t wait? Neither can we.

Apple’s new security feature is just one of many highlighted in the announcement, but it’s going to make a dramatic difference in the efficiency and speed of using Dashlane on your phone or tablet. If you’re as excited about this as we are, let us (@dashlane) and Apple (@apple) know on Twitter!

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