In today’s release, we’re ridding you and your team of password sharing problems with an all-new Dashlane 3 that’s enhanced for teams and families.

So much is new, so we’ll jump right to it…

A New Sharing Center 
In the main menu in Dashlane, you have a new Sharing Center where you can create and manage your shared passwords and notes.

sharing center

Easily share passwords and notes with other users at once. Any updates to those items are automatically synced to each person they’re shared with. (As opposed to our old version of sharing, now you don’t have to send and resend updated passwords!)

You can also manage access levels – full rights and limited rights – to help you keep better track of who you’ve shared and who they’re sharing with in one simplified view. Learn more about our new sharing feature here.

Watch this video to see how sharing works:

Emergency Contacts
For those times when you need to share a password or note with someone in an emergency (but you don’t want them to have it otherwise), we’ve created Emergency.

Add someone that you trust as an emergency contact – a spouse, coworker, family member or close friend. Choose what items you’d like them to have access to – all your passwords and notes or just the ones that they really need.

Select the waiting period – the delay between the time they ask you to view an item and when they actually get to view the item. And then rest assured that if anything happens to you or you’re just unavailable, someone else has access to the items they need. (Imagine…the next time you go on vacation, you can go totally offline with no worries.) Learn more about our new emergency feature here.


Plus, you’ll notice from the images above and when you start using the app that we released a brand new design and a version with massive speed and performance improvements!

View Password History
There’s always been a way for you to view a list of passwords that you generated with Dashlane. But now you can view all the passwords that you previously kept in Dashlane. To find both options, go to Tools in the main menu.

password history

View the full details in this release by checking our release notes. And be sure to share your feedback with us. This free update is on its way to your Mac of PC (the Mac App Store version is coming soon!). Don’t miss it 🙂

dashlane upgrade

PS: Special shout-out to our beta users for helping us test our new app, so it’s ready for prime time today. Thank you 🙂