Password managers are undoubtedly convenient, but many people remain unprotected. If you are still on the fence about getting a password manager, you may be asking questions like “Why do I need a password manager” and “is it really safe?”

With thousands of data breaches reported last year and several more going unreported every day, it is only a matter of time before your private information gets into the wrong hands.  Here are some of the reasons you shouldn’t wait to get a password manager (like Dashlane!) today.


Reason 1: You’ll Never Forget Another Password 

You spend hours each year typing, re-typing, trying, trying again with a number, looking up, and, ultimately, resetting passwords. It is a waste of time and it is frustrating to get locked out of your own account. A good password manager will give you access to your passwords and user IDs quickly in a categorized, easy-to-search format on every device you own – online or offline – whenever you need them.

Reason 2: You’ll Never Use Hackable Passwords

Trying to remember complicated passwords is a challenge. As a result, many people end up using simple, unsafe passwords that are easily hacked. Password managers are designed to improve your password health and habits.

Dashlane offers its own Password Generator tool that can be used to create a strong, unique password for each of your accounts and save them directly to the password manager. You can also use this tool to generate a random password based on your chosen parameters. Plus, since you don’t have to remember them, you can have a unique, unhackable password for each account.

Reason 3: It’s Like an Impenetrable Bank for Your Passwords 

Bank vault for passwords

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Look at your password manager like a financial bank. You put your money in the bank in order to make sure it is safe and to monitor how that money is used over time. Password managers work similarly. They store the credentials you use to access various important online accounts in a safe location.

Dashlane is your password “bank vault”; it protects all of your important data with a patented, zero-knowledge security architecture, which uses AES-256 encryption technology–the strongest in the world! Dashlane will never store your Master Password or any of its derivatives on its servers, which ensures that you have full control over all of your saved data. Like many other advanced password managers, Dashlane also supports two-factor authentication, but it’s also the first to support the FIDO Alliance’s Universal Second Factor (U2F) authentication standard, along with U2F-enabled YubiKeys!

Reason 4: You’ll Be Prepared For The Next Massive Data Breach

Recent data breaches affecting MySpace, Yahoo, and LinkedIn have made headlines, compromising the data of millions of users. Advanced password managers can help protect you after data breach by informing you immediately if your account has been compromised. Many of these password managers also provide you with the ability to monitor the strength of your passwords and improve it if necessary.

Dashlane allows you to monitor the strength of your saved passwords directly from your Security Dashboard. This dashboard will inform you if any of your passwords are weak, old or reused. If a security breach puts any of your accounts or passwords at risk, you will receive a Security Alerts from Dashlane so that you can take the appropriate action.

Reason 5: You’ll Change Compromised Passwords Before It’s Too Late 

After learning about a security breach, changing your password in a timely manner is absolutely critical. A data breach can affect multiple online accounts, making manually changing all of your passwords an incredibly time-consuming task. With Dashlane, you can change your passwords quickly from within the password manager’s interface. Dashlane’s exclusive Password Changer tool allows you to change passwords for almost 400 popular websites with just one click or tap.

Reason 6: It’s the Safest Way to Share Passwords with Family, Friends, and Colleagues  

Share passwords safely

Instead of sending your passwords to other users via email or text message, share your passwords safely with friends, family members and coworkers using your password manager. With Dashlane, you can even control the level of access different users have to your shared credentials, and you can make changes to this level of access at any time. Dashlane also allows you to set up Emergency Sharing, which allows a specific contact to access one or more accounts that require urgent attention when you are unable to access the accounts yourself.

Reason 7: Keep Your Wallet Safely In Your Pocket 

Password managers aren’t just for passwords! You can also use password managers to safely store credit card numbers, PayPal and bank account information, and other payment credentials. Dashlane, for example, offers a Digital Wallet to all users. When you shop online, Dashlane’s Digital Wallet will autofill your payment information on all sites, notify you when your credit or debit card going to expire, and automatically save receipts of your online purchases! The best part is that it is already fully compatible with the ways you currently pay online and works on any website.

Reason 8: Your Current System is Dangerous and You Might Not Know It

Unsafe computer systems

Whatever your current system for storing passwords, there’s a good chance it is making you LESS safe!

If you write down all your passwords, it is terribly inconvenient to access and update, so you’ll most likely cut corners and only use a strong password for your “important” accounts. The bad news is, clever hackers can easily get information from those less frequently used accounts to hack your important ones, and a written system discourages you from updating passwords regularly in order to protect your identity online.

Storing your passwords in a file on your computer is risky, too. Those files are exactly what hackers are “phishing” for – especially in small businesses and large corporations. Plus, they aren’t made specifically to protect private identity data across devices, so you never know how strong their security technology really is. Password files also have to be manually updated, so they commonly fall out of use and people find it more convenient to go back to very poor password practices.

Reason 9: Password Managers are Easier to Use Than You Think! 

Different kinds of password managers exist, but most are designed to be both easy to use and convenient for the consumer. The best password managers remember your passwords as you browse or set up new accounts, so getting started should be simple. And with features like auto-fill, a password manager is actually easier than your normal login routine. Dashlane was designed specifically for people and businesses who want superior protection for their credentials without all of the complicated gimmicks. Dashlane has set itself apart by providing a consistent, excellent, award-winning experience on Mac, PC,

Dashlane was designed specifically for consumers who want superior protection for their credentials without all of the complicated gimmicks. Dashlane has set itself apart by providing a consistent, excellent, award-winning experience on Mac, PC, Android, and iOS. Dashlane’s semantic analysis engine has been proven as the best in the industry, which means the right password will be accurately filled for you on the right website without you having to lift a finger.

As a quick recap, here are the 9 reasons why you should download a password manager now:

  • You’ll never forget another password
  • You’ll never use hackable passwords
  • It’s like an impenetrable bank for your passwords
  • You’ll be prepared for the next data breach
  • You’ll change compromised passwords before it’s too late
  • It’s the safest way to share passwords with friends, family, and colleagues
  • Keep your wallet safely in your pocket
  • Your current system is dangerous and you might not know it
  • Password managers are easier to use than you think
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