Planning a summer vacation for the family isn’t easy. Luckily, you already have a tool that can help: a password manager!

There are six simple ways to plan your summer getaway using use Dashlane’s password manager:

  • To book flights, car rentals, and hotels online.
  • To keep track of all of your online purchases.
  • To save electronic copies of your IDs and travel documents.
  • To give friends and family members emergency access to your online accounts.
  • To share your travel itinerary or any important notes securely.
  • Generate strong passwords to keep your travel-related accounts and apps safe.

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Purchase plane tickets without touching your wallet

Use Dashlane’s Digital Wallet to securely purchase roundtrip tickets to your summer destination–without reaching for your wallet! Once you link a credit card, debit card, or PayPal account to your digital wallet, Dashlane will automatically fill out your payment information in a snap.

Keep track of expenses with digital receipts

Traveling on a budget? Dashlane’s Digital Wallet also makes it easy to track your online spending with digital receipts. For easier organization, you can customize the receipt; for instance, you can edit the name of the items purchased or add the receipt to a category like Travel.

Save electronic copies of your IDs

Instead of carrying a physical copy of your passport that can be lost or stolen easily, keep an on hand during your trip. Add an electronic copy of your driver’s license, passports, and other IDs to your Digital Wallet and access them at any time on your smartphone, tablet, or on Dashlane’s Web App. As an added bonus, Dashlane will also notify you six months in advance if an ID is set to expire soon.

Give friends or family members access to passwords in case of an emergency

With a password manager, you’ll always be prepared for the unexpected with our Emergency sharing feature. If you lose your smartphone, forget to send an email to a colleague, or need to pay rent while you’re away, you can give friends or family members access to passwords and notes after a set waiting period.

Share important information in Secure Notes

Leaving the kids at home? Use Dashlane’s Secure Notes to share important information, like your home’s Wifi password, emergency contact information, medications with special instructions, and your travel itinerary with the babysitter. To prevent the babysitter from editing your note, share with limited rights.

Generate strong passwords to protect travel and financial accounts

Hackers would love nothing more than to gain access to your email inbox, your frequent flyer miles or your online banking account while you’re away. Use Dashlane’s Password Generator to create strong, unique passwords for your important accounts. If you’re worried that an account may be compromised while you’re away, you can use Dashlane’s Password Changer to update an account in a tap or click.  

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Don’t use a password manager? Download Dashlane today and enhance your digital experience with speedy logins and autofill across all your devices, backed by Dashlane’s patented security architecture.