Earlier this week, we reminded you of the importance of making sure your passwords are up to scratch when buying your Valentine’s presents online. Now that we’ve saved you from a broken desktop, it’s time to ensure you don’t suffer from a broken heart, with some tips on keeping your Valentine’s surprise a secret.

Whatever you might have planned for this Saturday, chances are you have left a digital bread trail on one, if not all, of your devices. This becomes even more of an issue when you consider that many of us share passwords with our significant other, including social media sites and emails.

While this token of trust warms the heart, it might put you in a sticky spot when trying to keep this Saturday’s big play a secret. But don’t despair!  We’ve outlined the key ways to make sure your Valentine’s Day goes off without a hitch…

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How to keep that special Valentine’s surprise a secret: Five tips so you don’t give the game away this Valentines

Stop saving passwords in your browser

“Do you want Firefox to remember this password next time?” Sure, why not, it makes my life easier. This may seem like a quick win at the time however don’t be so sure…

Such keychains mean that anyone using your computer or logged in to the same session will have access to everywhere you have ever accessed and can access a list of websites you have stored passwords for. Not ideal.

Manage your passwords effectively

Very much like love itself, passwords aren’t easy (to remember). For your own security and privacy, you should ensure that your passwords are long and are alphanumeric, so they are even harder to guess. This will ensure that each and every one of your digital locks are secure.

It is also important to use different passwords for each site you use. After all, you don’t lock every door in your home, office and car using the same key. We understand that once you find the one you love it’s hard to let go. However, when it comes to passwords, it’s best to keep it fresh.

This might seem like a tricky process – choosing a plethora of complex passwords, let alone remembering them all… This is why a password manager, such as Dashlane, is really useful. It does all the hard work for you, protecting and remembering all those passwords in a safe and secure way!

Control how you share

There may well be times when you do need to share a password or some other personal information, however do not do it by email or on a post-it. Use a safe, encrypted method such as Dashlane’s Sharing Feature. That way, your precious passwords and data will never fall into someone else’s hands.

Make sure it’s a private affair

Did you know that when you’re signed in to Google anyone can see your entire browsing history on https://google.com/history? When you browse, you will always be leaving clues, or outright giveaways, to what you’ve been up to. As well as your browser history, your auto fill will react to your past searches and advertising will relate to what you have searched for.

The only way to ensure all the sites you visit are not traceable by everyone who lays their hands on your computer is by entering into a private browsing session. Each browser has a different name for this, for example in Chrome it is called “Incognito”. Going private will keep your activity private and will prevent you from staying constantly connected to Google or Facebook.

This will not only keep your Valentine’s surprises safe, but also any other information that you would rather keep to yourself.

Love in the Dashlane: use autofill to make speedy romantic gestures

If you need to get a last minute order done in a matter of seconds while your partner is out of the room, then the use of Dashlane’s auto form-filler will help you speed up those payment forms, delivery details and whatever else. Get a five-minute task done in 20 seconds, so those flowers can be on their way before she has even made that cup of tea.