Welcome to The Dashlane Tech Check for January 26, 2017!  I’ll help you catch up on Dashlane-related news and the big news in the tech industry. And just for fun, I’ll include a useful life hack that will keep you safe and secure all year long.

What in the (Security) World?

Here’s what made headlines this week in the world of digital identity, security, and privacy:

Americans “remain divided” on whether the government should be able to access their encrypted messages.

Government reading your encrypted messages

The latest cyber security report from Pew Research found that 46 percent of Americans would allow the government to access their encrypted messages to investigate a crime, whereas 44 percent prefer encrypted apps and messages that law enforcement can’t touch. Read more.

“The Year of the Data Breach”: 2016 was an all-time high for data breaches.

It’s official! 2016 was indeed the “Year of the Data Breach.” A new report from the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) and CyberScout says there were 1,093 reported data breaches in the U.S. last year–an all-time high and a 40 percent increase over 2015’s total of 780. Read more.

“Leakedsource is down forever and won’t be coming back”

LeakedSource taken offline

Photo Credit: AlternativeTo

It’s true! ArsTechnica is reporting that LeakedSource, ” a legally and ethically questionable website that sold access to a database of more than 3.1 billion compromised account passwords” has been taken down after an unconfirmed raid by law enforcement officials. Despite its controversial practice, the site has become a reliable source of news about the latest website breaches for journalists, researchers, and hackers. Read more. 

Bad call: Trump continues to use an unsecured Android phone

According to the New York Times, President Donald Trump continues to use an unsecured Android phone to tweet from the White House while watching TV. The NYT also confirms that the Secret Service did issue Trump a secured phone. Read more.

Facebook now supports FIDO Alliance’s Universal Second Factor (U2F) Authentication

Facebook officially supports the FIDO Alliance’s U2F standard, which enables authentication with a FIDO-compliant USB key. Facebook now joins the ranks of other websites and apps that currently support U2F, including Github, Google, Salesforce, Dashlane, and others. Read more.

Dashlane News You Shouldn’t Snooze

 Dashlane named an InfoWorld 2017 Technology of the Year Award Winner!

InfoWorld Technology of the Year: 2017 Awards

We’re honored to be recognized as an InfoWorld 2017 Technology of the Year Award winner! Chosen by InfoWorld editors and product reviewers, Dashlane is named as one of 32 top tools for app dev, data center and cloud ops, data analytics, and information security that they’ve encountered in the past year. Read more.

“Passwords are still very much alive”: Dashlane study cited in discussion about biometrics

Dashlane’s Password Overload study was included in an article by Payments Cards & Mobile, discussing biometrics. From the study, the article noted that the average person has about 90 passwords they struggle to manage. Read more.

Dashlane included in YoStartup’s Top 50 Fintech Startups to watch out for in 2017

Dashlane made Yostartups Top 50 Fintech Startups list for 2017

Yostartups ranked Dashlane in the top 50 Fintech Startups to watch of for in 2017! Dashlane is joined by SoFi, Blockchain, Stripe, Acorns, Robinhood, and more. Read more.

This Week’s Lifehack to Improve Your Security

Having strong passwords is only one step towards protecting your digital identity. Secure your social media profiles, online banking accounts, and Dashlane’s password manager by enabling two-factor authentication (2FA)! A popular 2FA option is to use an authenticator smartphone app, or a USB security token, like a Yubikey! Read this article to learn more about 2FA and how it’ll add an extra layer of security over you online accounts. 

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